Pho Jean Talon - Montreal's best bowl of Pho

Authentic Pho

Authentic Pho

Pho Jean Talon


Nos Phos - The taste from Vietnam

Pho Jean- Talon invites you to try the taste of our hometown Vietnam, where we commit to each bowl of Pho the best quality.

February 2022


Pho is known for the best comfort food from Vietnam, which contains an authentic rich flavor and profoundly rooted heritage of a long Viet generation, who are kind, passionate, and hospitable. Pho Jean-Talon restaurant is proud to celebrate, honor, and carry on these meaningful humble messages hidden inside a hot bowl of Pho. Pho Jean-Talon would love to share Pho culture with our dearest customers in Montreal, making a single broth taste, a chopstick of noodles, become a unique memory for everyone.

Pho Jean Talon

Our Special

Pho Dac Biet, Pho Ga Nuong, Bun Bo Hue, Ca Phe Sua Da, and many more Vietnamese cuisines are ready for you to explore!

So why not check our special out right now? 


Where to find Pho Jean-Talon


Take a look at the behind-the-scene of Jean Talon restaurant, where the arts are created. 

Customer Testimonials


Gigi Huynh

Delicious pho. The broth is savoury. They are generous in meat. The staff is super nice. I also took the café sua da which was the perfect balance of strong and sweet. I did not sleep.


Myna Chan

Amazing food super tasty ! Also friendly staff 🙂 will definitely come back ! Highly recommend pho jean-talon. Thank you


Calista Carreon

First time eating here and was super impressed! It’s a cute spot and the pho was on point. Also loved the iced coffee, soooo good!! I will definitely be returning!!!